Love Hurts: 4 Strange And Dangerous Sex Injuries

Love Hurts: 4 Strange And Dangerous Sex Injuries 

survey in Britain reveals that hundreds of thousands of people suffer each year from sex injuries. Most of these are pulled muscles, back injuries, carpet burns, cricked necks, bashed knees/elbows, bruised shoulders, twisted knees, sprained wrists/ankles, and getting fingers bent backwards. These accidents happened on a sofa, the stairs, a car, the shower, the bedroom, a chair, the kitchen table, the garden, the lavatory, and in work cupboards.

Sex is a physical activity and thus can cause accidents and injuries. Because some people like variety, they try it in different ways and in different locations. Doing a physical activity in unfamiliar circumstances is a recipe for accidents and injuries. Some of the more unusual are described below:

Hickey Causes Stroke

A woman’s left arm became paralyzed as a result of a stroke caused by her partner sucking too vigorously on her neck. The suction damaged a major blood vessel causing a clot to form which then dislodged into the bloodstream. The clot was treated with an anti-coagulant.

Epoxy Resin Enema

Klismaphilia is the practice of introducing liquids into the body through the rectum in order to achieve sexual pleasure. This is normally done with an enema using water. In 2005, a 27-year-old man got a little too inventive and gave himself an epoxy resin enema. He used a dual chambered glue gun to inject the two liquid components of the epoxy into his rectum where they combined and solidified. The epoxy molded itself so well to the contours of his rectum that it couldn’t be removed without an operation. The surgeons extracted a perfect epoxy cast of the inside of his rectum.

Penis Bit Off In Auto Accident

A man was receiving oral sex from his 30 year old secretary, when a van struck the parked car they were sitting in. The impact caused her to bite off his penis. This was witnessed by a detective hired by the woman’s husband to keep an eye on her. The detective called an ambulance which took the man to a hospital. The woman followed the ambulance with part of the mans penis.

Lawsuit Claims Sex Pill Caused Penis To Fracture

A 29-year-old Texas man sued a sexual enhancement supplement company, claiming their product caused his penis to fracture. Doctors say he may never be able to have an erection or father children. There is a good chance he’ll never be able to urinate naturally.

The typical way that people fracture their penis is by engaging in rough sex. They usually miss an orifice and slam their penis into the pelvic bone of their partner. A fracture causes the penis to swell to the point of resembling an eggplant.

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