You Did What? Where? Strangest Places People Have Had Sex Around the World

You Did What? Where? Strangest Places People Have Had Sex Around the World

All around the world, people are getting it on. In the strangest places:

Google Exhibitionist Earth

When this couple Down Under saw the Google car heading their way, they jumped out of their car and put on a little show for the camera, for the entire world to see.

Uh, Do You Want Fries With That?

After eating their hotcakes and sausage, one couple in Hatfield, Hertfordshire England couldn’t wait to get home and decided to take care of business on the McDonald’s toilet (bathroom) floor. A McDonald’s spokesperson said,

A couple were found behaving inappropriately in our toilets.

Bridge Sex in Estonia

If you don’t have a plane ticket to participate in the Mile High Club, consider a bridge…like this couple on the arch bridge in Tartu, Estonia. Just don’t lose your balance.

“Aloft” in China

The warning sign reads,

Be cautious, it is risky to conduct intimate behavior aloft.

But that didn’t stop one couple from going at it in a cable car in China. Swing high, sweet chariot (note the graphic on the sign of a couple “engaged” with a red line through it).

Freestyle in a Public Pool

One couple went at for a full half hour before anyone stopped them…in a public pool in Connersville, Indiana. As The Smoking Gun says,

We’re going to need a cleanup on lane three.

Coffin Sexy Times

It’s not clear what he was selling her, but it doesn’t appear to be a funeral plan. These two were bound to do the deed, even if it killed them.

When a man is happy, he does not hear the clock strike – German Proverb

What is it with the high places, where one wrong move could send a person to his or her death? Clearly, the need to procreate beat out any reservations this couple in Sydney, Australia had.

What have we learned here? That sex in public is like real estate. Location, location, location.  All around the worldSex HappensContact us.

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