TV In Your Bedroom May Hurt Your Sex Life

TV In Your Bedroom May Hurt Your Sex Life

Do you have a television in your bedroom? Maybe you should get rid of it.

Over the past few years, various studies have concluded that couples who have a TV in the bedroom have less sex than those who don’t. This Italian study, for example, found that couples who don’t watch “The Tonight Show” in bed have double the sex of those who do. That’s just one study, but it confirms what other previous studies have found.

Why is this the case?

The simplest reason might be that televisions are distracting. It’s hard to focus on your partner or any romantic feelings you have with the TV blaring. Even if you have it on mute, there’s still the flickering light (advertising executives aren’t stupid. They know rapidly changing scenes creates visual activity, which keeps viewers’ interest, even if it’s involuntarily.)

Also, actress Evangeline Lilly may have put it crudely in a recent interview with “Men’s Health,” but she may also have hit the nail on the head: If you and your significant other are looking for something to do in the bedroom and you don’t have a TV, you think of sex, not watching “Game of Thrones.” Leaving your bedroom as a space only to interact with your partner might open your creativity and leave you feeling freer to try new things. If nothing else, you will probably connect on a deeper emotional level.

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