Survey: Poor Grammar Is A Big Turn Off

Survey: Poor Grammar Is A Big Turn OffHere’s some bad news for the single guys who can’t tell the difference between feeling they’re nuts and feeling their nuts. A survey conducted by Kibin shows that 43 percent of online daters, find that bad grammar is a big turnoff. The survey also shows that 35 percent said that good grammar is sexy, while 22 percent were indifferent. Kibin is a professional editing and proofreading service, so you should take this with a grain of salt. However, many of the comments on the various blogs reporting on this survey are in agreement with these findings, especially among the females.

According to Kibin, U.S. Online daters spend $1.9 billion per year on dating sites, and many hours crafting their online dating profiles, yet most (86 percent to be exact) don’t check the grammar in their profiles. Apparently this oversight is costing singles dearly in their quest at finding true love.

Not surprisingly, women displayed stronger feelings about grammar than men. Women instinctively select mates for their potential to be good providers for their offspring. Grammar is an indicator of education and intelligence, both of which strongly correlate to a man’s potential to earn a high income. Men, on the other hand, are more interested in spreading their seed as far and wide as possible.

Besides improving your love life, good grammar helps in other ways as well. White collar job applications have traditionally required a resume and cover letter. Even blue collar workers aren’t completely exempt from using good grammar, since many jobs require an application to be filled out online. The effect that good grammar can have on your income earning potential is reflected in the survey, where those earning more than $100k per year, care 10 percent more about good grammar than those earning less.

The next time you are writing a love letter, sexting, filling out a dating profile, or sending out resumes to get a better job so you can buy a flashy car to attract women, pull out that grammar book first! If you are interested in more news and information that will improve your love life, please contact us.

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