The Putin Butt Plug

The Putin Butt Plug

The Putin butt plug, designed by Fernando Sosa, is making a big splash at Reddit, and is making the rounds on several news and information websites. The figurine, designed to look like an anal sex toy, was inspired by Putin’s anti-gay policies. That the toy has become a viral hit across the Internet should come as no surprise, given Putin’s unpopularity over issues such as repressing political dissent in Russia, his anti-gay policies, and his more recent invasion of Ukraine.

The Putin butt plug is not a true sex toy. It is actually a figurine made of sandstone. Sosa has made it very clear that it is not intended for use as a sex toy and is unsafe for such use. However, he does plan to turn it into a real sex toy once he has the funds and resources to get body-safe silicone.

The figurine not only mocks Putin’s homophobic policies, but his well-publicized and well marketed, acts of male virility. Putin, a black belt in judo, is well known for his publicity stunts involving the use of guns, a crossbow, and darts to shoot at bears, tigers, leopards, elk, and even a whale. Often, these publicity stunts are done shirtless.

The Putin butt plug isn’t Sosa’s only political figurine. He’s also created an action figure that spoofs New Jersey governor Chris Christie. It has also received a fair amount of publicity. Both figurines were created using a 3-D printer. The figurines were originally created as a hobby, but Sosa hopes to profit from his new found publicity by selling them at his shop on Shapeways. The butt plugs are priced at $23.27 each.

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