Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriends and How Your Ideas of Attractiveness Are Determined by the Parent of the Opposite Sex

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriends and How Your Ideas of Attractiveness Are Determined by the Parent of the Opposite Sex

Do you have a “type,” i.e., the kind of look that you go for in the opposite sex over and over?  This is something one notes from time to time in celebrities.  Consider Leonardo DiCaprio, for example.  The Hollywood actor has had a number of long-term relationships, all with tall, blond, slim women.  Throughout his career, DiCaprio has dated Victoria’s Secret model Giselle Bundchen, Israeli model Bar Rafaeli and Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, all of whom are tall with long blond hair and gently curving figures.  DiCaprio has never been paired with a short brunette.

Do You Have a Type?

If you look back at your own love life, it may not be quite as predictable as DiCaprio’s, but there might be certain commonalities between all your partners.  Do you like the long-haired artistic type?  Or do you prefer the athletic type?  Do you like long hair or short hair? Do you gravitate towards a certain eye color?

How Your Ideas of Attractiveness Are Determined By Your Parents

According to a study conducted by the University of St. Andrews, as reported by Huffington Post, people often form their ideas of attractiveness based on their parents.  If your parents were young when they had you, you’ll probably be attracted to younger people.  But if your parents were old when they had you, you might be more positively inclined towards older men or women.  Similarly, if you’re a woman and your father was skinny with curly hair, you might find yourself more attracted to men of this type.  If you’re a man and your mother was tall with wavy blond hair, you’ll probably find yourself attracted to women of this type.

Case in Point: Leonardo DiCaprio

This brings us back to Leonardo DiCaprio.  If you look at photos of DiCaprio’s mother, you’ll find that this theory really works.  Just recently, DiCaprio was spotted at the Golden Globes with his mother, Irmelin DiCaprio.  He apparently left his most recent girlfriend, blond, blue-eyed Toni Garnn behind to spend some quality time with his mom.  If you look at photos of the mother and girlfriend side by side, you’ll see the similarities. Irmelin DiCaprio is originally from Germany and has wavy blond hair and blue eyes.  No wonder DiCaprio gravitates towards this type of woman in his girlfriends!

Of course, we’re not 100% determined by our families and parents.  So if you feel the need to break out of your type, go ahead.  After all, there are many different types of attractive people in this world who belong to different races, have different body types, hair colors and, most importantly, personalities.  Contact us for more information about sex and sexuality to learn how it affects you.

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