REVIEW: Lelo Ida Couples Massager

REVIEW: Lelo Ida Couples Massager

First impressions:

When my Lelo Ida showed up at my door, I was so excited! I’ve had the Lelo Gigi for a few years and it’s still my favorite toy, and it still works as good as the day I got it! So when I saw the Ida, I really wanted to try it out. The packing was exquisite. It came in its own black box, with the massager, remote, a registry card, an opener for the remote, batteries for the remote, a charger for the massager, a sample of personal lubricant, and of course instructions. Once it was charged up, we tested it out…

Using it:

Using the massager took a little bit of trial and error to figure out how to use it, even with the instructions.  The massager connects to the wireless remote and then you use the remote to increase/decrease the intensity of the massager. My husband figured out how to pair them, but even then it was difficult for us to control the massager without having to pay a good amount of attention to the remote, taking away from the intimacy.

The massager has two portions to it, the round part vibrates and the insert pulsates and rotates. The round clitoral vibrator doesn’t do a great job of clitoral stimulation on its own. During intercourse, the vibrations are much better, but the wide, round shape slid around a lot and ended up hurting in some positions by getting pressed too hard against the bone. The insert is too small to feel really good on its own, and during intercourse it was too big to feel comfortable. My husband said it felt good for him, but it didn’t allow for him to have control of the “experience.” We tried it a few times, with and without the remote. Overall, it was just cumbersome to use and the attention it required to get it to stay in a somewhat comfortable position and the pain it caused in the wrong position wasn’t worth the small amount of pleasure it gave.


  • If you have had kids, this may be a fun toy for you.
  • The silicone is exceptionally soft and smooth to the touch
  • The toy is 100% waterproof!
  • Lelo toys come with a 1-year warranty and a 10 year guarantee!
  • Feels good for men


  • May be too large to be confortable during intercourse
  • Cumbersome to control and use the remote
  • Painful at times
  • Moves around a lot
  • Made the experience frustrating

My thoughts:

I love Lelo. Their products are wonderfully and thoughtfully made. They are durable and the Gigi is still my go-to toy. With that said, the Lelo Ida just didn’t live up to my expectations and made our experience frustrating. If you are considering the Ida and don’t like the idea of the remote, the Tara is the stand-alone version of the toy and doesn’t have a remote. You should also consider the size of the toy; the diameter of the insert is almost 1” around, which may be uncomfortable for you, it was for me.

Remember, it’s not the toys, but your sexual experience that should be fun and amazing!

You can purchase the Lelo Ida Couples Massager at

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