Survey: Nearly 1 in 5 Young Adults Would Knowingly Have Sex with a Partner with an STD

Survey: Nearly 1 in 5 Young Adults Would Knowingly Have Sex with a Partner with an STD

Is immediate gratification worth the possible repercussions?  It seems that for nearly one in five young adults, the answer is yes.

According to a survey conducted by, 19 percent of people aged 18 to 30 would willingly have sex with a partner they knew had a sexually transmitted infection; 39 percent of those admitted to previously having unprotected sex with a partner who had an STI.

26 percent of the respondents indicated that they would have sex with an infected partner if they had protection because  it would be “impossible to catch an STI”. 

25 percent mentioned that it would depend on the type of infection.  Thankfully, 57 percent said that they would not have sex with an individual they knew was infected.

Other eye catching revelations:

  • 64 percent have had unprotected sex in the past.
  • Of those, 52 percent had unprotected casual sex.
  • 11 percent revealed that the condition of the partner may not matter because they “always let passion get the better of them”
  • In total, 23 percent of those surveyed admitted to having an STI at some point.  Chlamydia was the most frequently mentioned infection.

Sarah Bailey of told the DailyMail: “Exposing yourself to the risk of contracting an STI is never advisable. Even though condoms can offer a certain level of protection, this isn’t the case for some sexually transmitted infections – and certainly shouldn’t be put to the test.”

She continued: “There is never any excuse for knowingly exposing your body to potential harm in this way, particularly those who claim that they’d happily jump into bed with someone unprotected despite knowing they had an STI.”

1,231 people were surveyed for the study.


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