40% of Women Prefer Pleasuring Themselves Over Sex with a Partner


40% of Women Prefer Pleasuring Themselves Over Sex with a Partner

40% of women prefer pleasuring themselves over sex with a partner.

This and other tasty tidbits about solo sex are provided by AdamAndEve.Com’s “Solo Sex by the Numbers: Americans’ Self-Love Habits”. Drawing from  a variety of sources around the ‘net, including their own surveys, AdamAndEve.com compiles some rather interesting information about the activity of “self love”.

The percentages are almost the same.  A 2008 study revealed that 92 percent of women have engaged in some form of masturbation, up dramatically from 63 percent in the 1950’s.  95 percent of men admitted to masturbating.

“Self-love is an important type of love. For most people, solo sex is their first sexual experience and it continues to be a major part of sexuality throughout an individual’s life.” – Chad Davis, Marketing Director for Adam & Eve

Caught in the act. 41 percent of men and woman surveyed said they were caught masturbating.

A lot of married men and women do it.  72 percent of men and 68 percent of women engage in solo sex; more than those in a relationship, where 40 percent of men and 30 percent women do it solo.

The top three places to engage in one on none lovemaking. The bedroom ranks first at 63 percent followed by the shower at 32 percent.  23 percent masturbate in front of a computer.

Your never too old to play with yourself. In a 2010 study, over 46 percent of women 60 and over disclosed that they masturbated that year, while 61 percent of men admitted doing the same.  The results were even higher over a lifetime, where 72 percent of women and 90 percent of men self pleasured.

We do it together. Masturbating in front of a partner seems to be a fairly common activity. 69 percent of young adult males (19-29) have masturbated in front of their partner versus 64 percent of women.

Women like vibrators. Over 53 percent of women use vibrators; 17 percent of men use them too.

This and other cool masturbatory facts can be found at AdamAndEve.com, The Kinsey Institute and Jezebel.


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