Provocative TV Ad Promotes Safe Sex

Provocative TV Ad promotes safe sex.

The TV ad, appropriately called “Come Together”, features people of various ages, races, sexualities and kinks passionately entwined and writhing in pleasure.

“This is a welcome and urgently needed departure that doesn’t feel reproachful. Instead it is an open celebration of the joys of safer sex that targets people of all different ages, sexual orientations/preferences and genders.” – Jo Hodges, head of the Advertising Faculty at London

The 60 second TV ad is the brainchild of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and is part of a global fundraising campaign to promote safe sex and raise awareness about HIV prevention.

In addition to viewing this wonderful commercial, the charity will give a way a sex toy kit to the first 5,000 people who donate $30.00 of more to their cause.  The kit will include a condom, feather tickler, blindfold and lubricant.

The ad, which aired Thursday, will only show one time.

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