Study: Researchers Prove that Rebound Sex is Real

The Science behind Rebound Sex

According to researchers, there are 18 million sites dedicated to rebound sex.

Scientists have scientifically proven what men and women have known for years; rebound sex is a real phenomenon.

According to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, people who go through breakups use sex to reduce emotional distress, anger and as a way of getting back at their ex.

Researchers at the University of Missouri recruited 170 heterosexual undergrads who had recently broken up with a partner to keep and online diary over the course of a semester.  Students were required to submit a weekly “distress report”, “self-esteem report” and “sex-report”.

An analysis of the diaries revealed that students were using sex to manage their anger and emotional distress after a breakup.

Those who used sex as a coping mechanism where more likely to have sex with new partners over time and typically took longer to recover after a breakup.  Also, the persons being “dumped” were more likely to have rebound sex than those doing the “dumping”.

Those who were more committed to the relationship were less likely to have sex immediately afterward, but if they did, it was to deal more with the emotional effects of the failed relationship than to get back at an ex.

Overall, it took the subjects between 25 and 28 weeks to “get over” their prior relationship.

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