7 Helpful ‘Talking Dirty’ Tips For Women

7 Helpful 'Talking Dirty' Tips For Women

If you would like to get a jump-start on your love life, you don’t necessarily have to practice any new moves. All you need to do is expand the limitation of your imagination and improve your language abilities. With the right words, you will have him right where you want him. Put your innocence on hold, embrace the bedroom lingo of a bad girl and enjoy the ride.

Foreplay Texting

Never hit the road without warming up your car first. If the thought of saying something outlandish turns your stomach into knots, consider sexting as an alternative. Warm your way up to provocative, sexy talk by texting subtle messages. Tell him that you are dying to hear his voice or that you’ve been thinking about him all day. When you get the swing of things, tell him that you can’t wait to undress him.

Never-Would-Do-This-In-Real-Life Phone Sex

Get into character. Costumes can help you transform into someone else. Put on an outfit that makes you feel sexy even if no one else is watching. Get him on the phone and say things that you would never say in real life. Phone sex is a great and safe way to experiment without getting your hands dirty. Try anything and everything that comes to your mind. Since there are no repercussions, you can be as wild as you want during phone sex.


Let your imagination guide you when talking dirty to your man. Whether it is on the phone or in person, description and tone will turn him on. Describe what you are feeling so he can feel it too. It can be as simple as telling him how “wet” you are or letting him know what you love about his body.

Ask Questions

Shyness can sometimes prevent you from saying exactly what’s on your mind. If you do not feel comfortable with sharing your thoughts, reverse it on him and ask questions. His response will encourage you to continue to muster up the courage to talk dirty. Does he like what you’re wearing? How does it feel? What does he want? Ask him as many things as you want as you keep your voice low and sultry.


Moan and groan your way into talking dirty.  Let him know how good every touch feels. Men like to know when they are pleasing you the right way so do not hold back. You may find that your moaning will allow your body to relax itself and further enjoy the experience. Since it is not a performance, do not try to choreograph the sounds. Just take a deep breath and let your body respond how it will.


Follow his lead. When your man gets vocal in bed, follow suit by answering his questions or commenting on his statements. If he expresses his satisfaction or excitement, be sure to affirm his comments with your own words. If you can’t think of anything to say, “yes” is always appreciated during intimacy.

Sex Nicknames

Nothing is off limits. The filthier the name, the more likely it is to get a reaction. Pick a nickname that both of you can enjoy. If your creativity doesn’t spark, choose a traditional pet name, such as “baby,” or “daddy” to say during sex. Once he responds well to his nickname, ask him to return the favor and pick a nickname for you. You can either tell him to repeat after you or inspire him to get creative and make something up that will excite you.

After your verbal transformation, don’t be surprised if he meets you at your game and says all the right things to bring you to the brink of ecstasy. If love begins between the ears, why can’t passion and intensity as well? The trick to talking dirty is that he has to believe what you say. Believe in your words, and he will always remember you as hot and adventurous.

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