Sex Toy Review – Exercise Balls!

Sex Toy Review - Exercise Balls!

Sex toys are fun and exciting, they can liven up your relationship, make sex more enjoyable, and all around keep things interesting. I’m fortunate enough to not have been in a position of someone stumbling upon my stash of toys by accident. I would imagine it’s very awkward, even if you are very comfortable with them. One of my favorite things to use in the bedroom…and pretty much any other room, and even the tub is my trusted Swiss ball. It’s known by many names – exercise ball, fitness ball, stability ball, balance ball, we call it a Swiss ball, but by any name it’s still as fun and very inconspicuous!

Exercise Ball Position

The ball is wonderful for providing a wonderfully soft, but supportive platform for your adult activities. This favorite plaything is often more comfortable than the bed, doesn’t need batteries, and my husband likes using it. More often than not, we use it outside of the bedroom, it fits just about anywhere and it’s especially fun in the shower, no matter how small the tub! Whether you are sitting on it, kneeling in front of it, laying on it, or using it as a prop, it’ll give some extra bounce to your bounce as you move around on it. It’s easy to clean, and very affordable when compared to the price of other toys and their versatility. It makes great access for some foreplay as well!



Easy to use
Inspires creativity
Some balls can support up to 2000lbs! But most will easily support the weight of two people “exercising” quite well, I may not suggest playing hippity hop with them though. 😉


May be intimidating (at first)
In almost all positions, the guy needs to be on the bottom (sitting on the ball), this may or may not be a con for you.
Positions are limited to things you can do on/with a ball and it forces you to try new things.

Swiss Ball Sex

Some position suggestions:

Girl sitting facing guy
Girl sitting facing away from guy
Girl on hands an knees facing away from guy
Girl with back resting on bed/sofa, bum on ball, guy on knees

Remember, it’s not the toy, but what you do with it that counts!

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