Study: Men Find Women Hotter in the Winter

Study: Men Find Women Hotter in the Winter

What males see when that look at women during the winter.


According to a new study recently included in The Psychology of Human Sexuality, men find women more sexually attractive during the winter months.

Every three months over the course of a year, 114 men were given photos of women’s faces, and sensually provocative photos of women’s bodies, and were asked to rate the attractiveness of each photo.

The study found the men’s attraction to the women’s faces did not change.  However, men were more aroused by the pictures of women’s bodies during the winter months – December, January and February than they were during the summer months.  In addition, men who were in a relationship at the time of the study reported similar patterns of sexual arousal with their partners.

Several theories have been posited by scientists and researchers regarding this phenomenon.  One possible cause could be hormonal.   Men’s hormone levels could fluctuate seasonally and contribute to greater sexual stimulation during the winter months.

Another reason could be the lack of visual stimulation during the colder months.   During the summer, women were less, more revealing clothing.  Men become visually desensitized, raising the bar on what gets them aroused.  During the winter months, the exact opposite scenario may occur.

Or maybe, since it’s cold and there’s nothing to do outside, men just opt for sex.

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