Carmen Carrera to Become Victoria’s Secret’s First Transgender Super Model?

There is currently an online petition on Change.Org requesting Carmen Carrera, a transgender supermodel, to grace the walkway at Victoria’s Secrets’ world famous fashion show.  Carrera initially shot to fame on RuPaul’s TV reality series “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.  She later signed with Elite Model Management, New York’s top modelling agency.

The petition currently has over 35,000 signatures, and although Carrera wasn’t involved in the petition’s creation, she took a moment to acknowledge the petition and thank its creator and signers on her Facebook page.:

I’m amazed! And just to make it clear, this petition is not to force VS to do anything. It’s to prove that the world is ready for change and possibilities are endless! Thank you so much for contributing and if you haven’t signed it yet you can find the link on my timeline. We’re just getting started, we can make this huge!!!!!

Carrera, who once identified herself as a gay male, now identifies herself as a heterosexual woman.  She is fully “transitioned”.

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