Executives Infect Corporate Networks by Viewing Porn

Corporate networks would be a whole lot safer if bosses stopped viewing porn on their business devices.

Executives Infect Corporate Networks by Viewing Porn

Wow! That was crazy! Luckily it’s on my work computer.

In a recent study conducted by ThreatTrack Security, 40% of IT professionals surveyed acknowledged that they’ve had to clean an executive’s corporate gadget after they visited an infected porn website.

According to CNN Money, one of the reasons cited was that employees aren’t as mindful with their corporate smartphones as they are with their business computers, probably believing that smartphones are immune to viruses and trojans plaguing most PCs.

Other results from the survey:

  • 56% got malware from clicking on a bad link or getting duped by a fake “phishing” email  (understandable).
  • 47% attached an infected device, like a thumb drive or smartphone, to their PC (understandable).
  • 45% got a virus when they let a family member use a company computer (what?!?).
  • 33% installed a malicious app on their company device (really?!?).

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