New York City's Most Sexually Active Neighborhoods

Ever wonder which New York neighborhood you would most likely get your groove on if you offered?  Well wonder no more!  The intrepid employees at The Date Report have compiled the list of the most promiscuous (I like the term ‘sex friendly’) neighborhoods in New York City.  The staff came up with the list using the data from the 2012 NYC Community Health Survey and demarcated the percentage of people who had sex with three or more partners in each area.

The areas shaded in red have the highest percentage of sexually unchaste  individuals.

New York City's Most Sexually Active Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods to venture to for the highest chances of (legal) sex

East Harlem (19.6%), Northeast Bronx (13.9%), Washington Heights (13.8%),  Flushing (12.4%), Staten Island (12.2%), Bed Stuy/Crown Heights (12.3%), The Rockaways (11.8%), Chelsea/Greenwich Village (11.6%), West Queens (10.3%), Long Island City/Astoria (10.1%).

Neighborhoods that would make a social conservative cream his pants

Downtown Brooklyn/Heights/Slope (5.6%), Upper West Side (5.5%), Bronx Park (5.2%), Jamaica (4.9%), Bay Ridge (4.15), Forest Hills (3.9%), Littleneck (2.7%), East New York (2.4%), Pelham (1.8%).

NYC – got to love the diversity.

[The Date Report]

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