Carrot Dating – Bribe Your Way To A Date

GIFTS = DATES.  That’s the motto of the latest online dating service that not only allows, but encourages subscribers to offer “incentives” in order to coax potential dates into being actual ones.  derives its name from the old idiom “dangling a carrot” in which someone offers an incentive to get a desired result.

“My mother had always given me the advice to focus on my studies first because if I became successful someday, I would be able to use my generosity as a dating edge.”

– Socially awkward and soon to be rich MIT graduate and founder Brandon Wade

How does it work?

After installing the app and registering, users can browse through profiles and choose the type of “carrot” they wish to extend to a potential date.  The choice of bribes can include dinner, flowers, chocolates, shopping sprees and even trips.  The briber must purchase credits.  The credits are used only if the bribe is accepted. The transaction cost for opening the lines of communication between  briber and bribee is about a dollar or less.

Bribing works both ways, but we all know which gender will be dangling the most carrots.  Apparently women do too.  There has been more the 45,000 App downloads since it’s October 1 launch with female downloaders outstripping males by a 2 to 1 ratio.


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