REVIEW – FixSation Couples Vibe

REVIEW - FixSation Couples Vibe

FixSation Couples Vibe.


This lovely vibe came in a svelte package ready to go out of the box! It is very appealing to touch and easy to put on.  The vibrator is small and is attached by two thin straps to a lace panty. I didn’t feel like the panty was too tight, but the vibe didn’t fall down/off at all!

The Good:

This vibe is great for hands free sex. Other vibrators you have to use at least one hand with and they get in the way, but with the FixSation Couples Vibe, no hands are required. The vibrations are good for having sex and they are also a good warm up for you pre-sex if you are giving oral. It’s definitely meant for use WHILE HAVING SEX!  The vibrator works with your partner’s pressure to increase the vibration strength and create pulsing/increasing vibrations depending on how he is moving. It may take some practice and it makes a small amount of noise, but it is pretty fun and it stays in place.

The Bad:

If you are using this couples vibe for masturbation, this is not for you. The vibes are way too weak and they are also spread out over the surface of the vibrator, not pinpointed like a traditional vibrator. It’s also a little weak for experienced vibrator users, especially if you use high-power vibes.

The bottom line:

This little vibe may not get you there as quickly as you may expect, but it will definitely get you to the big O and it’s fun to use with your partner. It is also washable. If you’re having problems making the big O while having sex, this is the toy for you!


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