REVIEW – The 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing

REVIEW – The 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing.

So in the spirit of honesty, this is not my first rodeo with “personal care” items. However, it is my first rodeo with couples “personal care” items, aka sex toys. I think that sex toys have a bad rap, but if you’re looking to spice up your love life or need an extra push to get you over the edge, then this may be some voodoo worth checking out!

First Impressions:

This nifty toy arrived from Amazon in typical packaging, but it was missing instructions. A quick search on trusty Google brought up enough pictures of the swing to figure out how to use it. We happened to have a bar high enough to hang it off of and my husband is super handy and figured out how to hang it up. Getting a swing with the trapeze bar would definitely help and having a stand would be even better. Your weight pulling off of one or two points in addition to moving around having sex creates a lot of strain on the connecting points.


The swing itself consists of tough, nylon straps with the midsections and foot loops covered in plush, leopard spotted fabric.


Using it:

This was really fun to use, once we got it figured out. I have wanted to try out a sex swing for a while, so this was a good excuse.

This illustration ( gave us ideas for different positions to try out on the swing. It was really fun being suspended having sex, the big difference is the absence of traction that you normally feel from being on a solid surface. But be careful! Some positions, such as being on your stomach, can be painful as the straps will cut into your abdomen. And while being suspended is fun, the downside of it is that you have to hold the straps apart to support yourself and it becomes quite the workout! But that may not be a downside for you. 😉 Also, when switching positions, you have to adjust the straps to support your body differently, which was a little cumbersome and annoying. To best experience this toy, find the position that works for you and stick with it; adjusting the straps every time you want to do something different kills the experience.


Unique, Fun, Soft


Hard to set up, Annoying to adjust

The bottom line:

This was fun, but using it is pretty time consuming and requires some planning in advance.

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  • Sex Swing Info

    Just a few tips that may help you out. Fist off about the cutting into your abdomen. This is because of the width of the primary straps (The webbing not the padding). On that swing they are 2 inches. Different swings had different widths. Look into that to increase comfort a lot.

    Related to this is the width of the bar that it hangs from. On that swing the bar is about 18 inches if I remember right off the top of my head. They range from 14 to 22 and then even variable widths. This will have a huge impact on the way it feels on your hips when you site in it.

    Now for directions…. Well i own 35 different sex swings and pretty much none of them come with any instructions. The trick is to just get creative and try things. There is no right answers. Put the hook up and then hang the swing. Then get creative.

    I also own a lot of vibrators and I have not seen directions with any of them. I am sure people can just figure out where to stick it. LOL

    As far as strain on connecting points. There is 1 and 2 hook swings. This makes a difference in the load, but the most important thing is the spring. The spring is not a “bouncy have better sex” type of thing, it is actually meant to lower the impact force on the mounting points and stands/joists and lower the risk of injury. Such as

    Hope this helps