Women are More Attracted to Deep-Voiced Men

Women are More Attracted to Deep-Voiced Men

Have you ever wondered why women find deep voices so sexy?  The reason may be biological.

A new study conducted by researchers at McNaster University found that women are more attracted to men with deeper, more masculine voices.   The good/bad news – women are attracted to deeper voices, but they seem to be attracted to them for short term flings.

According to an earlier study, published in the journal of Evolutionary Psychology, there is a link between voice pitch and perceived infidelity.  For women, the lower the pitch of a man’s voice, the higher the perception for cheating.  For men, the higher the pitch of a woman’s voice, the greater the belief that a she will be unfaithful.

“Until now, it’s been unclear why women would like the voices of men who might cheat. But we found that the more women thought these men would cheat, the more they were attracted to them for a brief relationship when they are less worried about fidelity.”

Jillian O’Connor – Lead Researcher

In the study, 87 women were asked to listen to men’s voices that were electronically manipulated to sound higher or lower, then asked to choose who was more likely to cheat on their companion.  Later they had to select which voice was more attractive for a long-term vs. a short term relationship.

The high pitched voice was more desirable for long term relationships, whereas the low pitched voice was considered more attractive.  The participants also indicated the the owner of the low pitched voice was more likely to stray.

David Feinberg, an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, explains “The consequences of infidelity are very high whether it is emotional or financial and this research suggests that humans have evolved as a protection mechanism to avoid long-term partners who may cheat”.

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