Kinsey Reporter: the Sex App for the Sake of Science

Kinsey Reporter:  the Sex App for the Sake of Science.

Kinsey Reporter: the Sex App for the Sake of Science

Sex graphs! Cool!

The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University in Bloomington, has released a mobile app for users to record their romantic and sexual behaviors for scientific research.

Users download the app onto their android or iphone.  Once an affectionate or sexual act is performed, respondents will then click on the “Report” menu and select a survey matching the sexual act.  Once in the survey, users select options that further define the activity.  Once submitted, the data will post to a server where it will be analyzed by the good people at the Kinsey Institute.  All data is delivered anonymously.

But wait, there’s more.  The data collected can be viewed in google maps, so you can see all the naughty little deeds performed by people around the world.  Another cool feature are the graphs that are generated from the accumulated data.

Some interesting stats that the Kinsey Institute based on data obtained from the early adopters of the mobile app:

  • 23% of sex acts are solo.
  • 5% of sex acts are threesomes.
  • 32% of sex acts are performed by married couples, 28% by couples in a committed relationship and 6%by cheating couples.
  • 15% of respondents use humor when they flirt, 13% smile, 12% touch, 5 % wink (that works?) and 4% play with their hair.

The project has had some growing pains.  The initial release of the app regularly blew up and closed down on many users’ phones.  Also, the app’s connection to it’s main database was removed due to privacy concerns.  These issues have been rectified; The app is now on version 2 and the privacy issues were settled with modifications to the Terms of Agreement.

A minor quibble; I have to manually refresh the map every time I scroll from country to country.  Other than that, I find the interface clean and fairly intuitive.

So if you feel philanthropic and wish to contribute to the greater good, download the app.  Remember, it’s not just fun, it’s science.

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