8 Fun Facts About your Penis.

8 fun facts about your penis.

8 fun facts about your penis.For most men, their penis is the center of their universe; they worry about it, look for ways to make it perform better, worry about its’ size when erect and flaccid and feel a twinge of pain when they see, read or hear something traumatic happen to someone else’s penis .  Have you ever heard the saying, “I’d give my penis to get that job”?  Me neither.  Our penises are more important to us than money, jobs, potential mates and, quite frankly most everything else..

Given the high regard in which we hold our members, here are some facts you may or may not know about your genitalia.

1.Smoking begets a smaller penis.

If you want to get every possible centimeter of your penis when it is erect, you may want to quit smoking.   Smoking constricts the blood flow to the penis and damages the elasticity of the blood vessels, shortening length and decreasing girth.  So, how much length can you actually lose?   According to a Boston University school of Medicine study, your penis can shrink by as much as a centimeter, which is about this [————-] long.

2. Perception vs. Reality.

Penis size is a big issue for many guys.  According to a study published in the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity, most men (68%) have a penis length between 4.6 and 6 inches, while 16% of males have a penis that is shorter than 4.5 inches.  However, 45% of men surveyed believed that their penises were too small.

The good news for heterosexual men suffering big penis envy, 84% of the women surveyed in the same study were satisfied with their partners’ penis size.

3. Using your penis is good for… your penis.

Having sex and/or masturbating frequently are sure ways to maintain a healthy penis.  Why does the penis need all this work?  Maintaining erections maintains penile elasticity.  The lack of erections can cause the penis to shorten by as much as two centimeters.

If your partner objects to your masturbatory practices, just inform them that there is scientific evidence that if you discontinue use, your penis will shrink.  If their eyes widen and they inquire about said evidence, you’ve won the argument.  Masturbate away.

4. Your penis is actually larger than you think it is.

Twice as long actually.  The “root” of your penis, the Corpus spongiosum, actually continues into your pelvis and connects to your pelvic bone.  So, to put a really, really positive spin on things, we all have 8 inch dicks.

5. Men have lots of erections during a 24 hour period.

Adult males average 11 erections during the day and between 3-5 erections at night.  Nightly erections, called Nocturnal penile tumescence, occurs during the REM phase of sleep and lasts between 30 and 35 minutes.

Nocturnal penile tumescence is extremely useful in determining if erectile dysfunction is physical or psychological.  Normally, psychologically based erectile dysfunction has no impact on nightly erections.

6. We ejaculate… a lot

We also masturbate a lot.  We ejaculate over 2000 times over the course of our lifetime through masturbating and around 7,200 times in total.  And the total amount of ejaculate over a lifetime?  A mind-numbing 14 gallons.

Do you want to talk about speed?  The average speed in which a male ejaculates is 28 mph – the average speed of a world class sprinter is 22 mph.

7. Certain smells effect the strength of your erection.

A study performed by the The American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons concludes that there are certain scents that greatly increase the blood flow to your penis.  The combination of lavender and pumpkin pie had the greatest effect, increasing blood flow by a whopping 40%.  Next in line is the combination of doughnuts and licorice, which increased blood flow to the penis by 30%.   All totaled, there are 30 different scents that can increase penile blood flow.

8. There is a scientific name for “blue balls”.

Though not a penis fact, many males have suffered through the physical and emotional pain of prolonged sexual arousal with no immediate relief.  This condition is called epididymal hypertension. Epididymal hypertension occurs when there is a buildup of excess fluid in the testicles and prostate.   Fortunately there are remedies, which include warm showers, aspirin, lifting heavy objects (with proper form of course) and ejaculating.

You are now officially one step closer to being an expert about your penis.  You’re welcome.

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