Want to be a sex toy tester?

Want to be a sex toy tester?

Want to be a sex toy tester?

First off, the chances of making this a high paying career are remote.  Also, it is work.  There may be times where you simply don’t feel like pleasuring yourself, but finishing the job and being a professional are essentials for success.

If you are amenable to a little hard work and a lot of fun, here are some tips to becoming a sex toy tester.

Create a sex blog

Create a sex blog and generate a following. When you achieve these goals, contact the sex toy sellers/manufacturers of your choice and refer them your website.  Many sex toy shops will be happy to provide test samples of new products for you to review.  They generate buzz about the sex toy by submitting them to sex blog owners and you generate a list of potential customers for their product.  The best news of all, you get to keep the sex toy.

Look in classifieds, forums, social sites and search engines

Want to be a sex toy tester?

Yes, being a sex toy tester can be fun.

Sex toy companies are always looking for people to test the myriad of gadgets they receive from toy manufactures to separate the magnificent from the mundane.  The larger the sample size the more accurate the overall review of the product.  An accurate review of a great product garners a very happy customer base and more repeat business. These are the reasons why many toy sellers actively recruit for volunteers over the Internet.  Many companies will place ads in classifieds (like craigslist) or make calls for volunteers through their websites, forums and social websites.

Performing a simple search will net you thousands of hits.  Many links will be outdated, so it’s a good idea to narrow your search to the current year.

Apply for a job at a sex toy company

Keep an eye out for open positions.  Many companies have their employees test new products.  Consider it a perk.  Obviously you will need marketable nonsexual skills to consider this option.


Show initiative.  Contact sex toy companies and convince them that they would benefit from your services.  Do some research regarding sex toys and the sex toy industry.  Make sound, logical arguments about the benefits of sex toy testing and how it could benefit their company and back those arguments with numbers if possible.  Again, a professional approach goes a long way.

Possible health issues

Most professions don’t come without a certain set of dangers.  Injuries can occur when performing even the most mundane job (repetitive stress injury anyone?), and sex toy testing is no different.  So… what are the potential issues?

  1. Possible sex toy toxicity
    Phthalates, which are banned in children’s toys, can make up for more than 50% of some of the most popular sex toys.  Phthalates are used to soften plastic and make it more malleable and are some of the most commonly used substances in manufacturing.  In large doses, Phthalates are considered carcinogenic and have caused birth defects in mice.
  1. Possibility of injury
    Yes, you can hurt yourself with a sex toy.  Over stimulating your clitoris can lead to lead to a condition called “vibratory strain injury” which is a form of repetitive stress injury.  Male sex toys that constrict blood flow (i.e. penis rings) can cause “penile strangulation”. It’s also smart to be mindful of the size of the sex toy and where you’re sticking it.  Very large sex toys can tear tissue and membrane in the vagina and anus.  Smaller toys, like vibrating eggs can get “lost”, especially in the anus.  When that occurs, it will most likely need to be retrieved by the emergency room doctor.

Another issue, sex toys can break and lodge in an orifice while in use.  An issue that will always garner a poor review.

The good news?  There is a (very) high satisfaction rate among sex toy testers.

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  • wilmot

    when can i start

    • dorisxiao6

      Send email to me ,I am the sex toy supplier admin@sz-done.com

      • Ck kelly

        Anymore openings ??

      • Marcy Torres

        Can I get info also

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        Can I get information please

      • excalibrate
      • Joanne Purple

        Hi I’m interested jo xx jowpurple85@outlook.com

      • Tazz Schara

        i would realy like to start testing any toys u send il give u an honest answers from two peploe who host adult party

      • maddy

        When can i start as well? Do you have any positions available?

      • Tanya Farley Creekbaum

        I would love to start getting and reviewing items! How can I get started?

        • hi, if you are interested in testing sex toy, please send email to huiyouinternational@gmail.com

          • mandz

            Hi is this open to anyone? If so what details do you require sent in email?


          • hi mandz, have you ever write review for other amazon seller?

          • mandz

            Not on amazon but on other sites x

          • it is ok. would you please show me the sites? this month our company would like to send some sample in discount or free. you need get them through our amazon store.

          • Tazz Schara

            70531 silas thomas rd pearl river la 70452 i would love a sample packs

          • Tazz Schara

            plezz ill start any day heres my phone number 1-985-215-9449 plezz text or call me

          • GenderSkins

            Hi LadiorYAN, I’ve actually wrote a few reviews on Amazon, for products I’ve bought from merchants on Amazon. That peanut vibe, I got from AdamEve sold as a silver bullet vibe. Love it, but the connection wire is very easily broken during use. As the wire connecting the cap, to the motor brakes the soddering point as it’s too thin. And I will be buying a new one in the near future, as I like the compact size and water proof feature for play time when in an aquatic environment. Would be nice to, test a few water proof products during development to improve durability of things like silver bullet style vibe. I’ll gladly look at your products, and provide feed back.

          • Mandz, we always give some discount to the reviewer and they buy our products and leave review for us. here is our store link: https://www.amazon.com/s?marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&me=A2HAEJGY1FPNMU&merchant=A2HAEJGY1FPNMU&redirect=true

          • Kelly Harnett

            Still available to do this?

      • Reek

        3 minutes ago
        I’ve never used one or any lol I’m curiouswhen can I start? Will there be instruction?

      • Kelly Harnett

        Do you still do this? I’d like info

      • Jonathan Mullins

        Here’s my email address mullinsjonathan70@gmail.com

      • Tina Eid

        I’m so not shy about my self if I get to be a tester I’ll send video if I have to lol….I really want to do this

        • Anthony Mann

          I love that your so open ! Maby together we could do the tester film , I think it would connect with a vast majority of tamperess like our selves. Not to mention the get the products name righting there

      • Denise Sparkles Grant

        here is my email would like to be a tester if possible dyg393@live.com thanks so much SaSSY STiTCH

        • Sunshine Prindable

          Have u heard back from anyone ?

          • Ameza Soi

            please contact us to get product review. Thanks

        • Whitney Christine Evans

          Has any1 heard back once they got yalls email

      • Mike
      • Renee

        What is the payment reneetraylor34@gmail.com

      • Amy Esparza

        Are you still a supplier?


        My name is Amy and I have been curious about this line of work for a few years. I am really I retested in getting started. What can you tell me.

        • Whitney Christine Evans

          How does this work did you ever do it? Would like more info

        • Ameza Soi

          You can review our products. Reach me at: andy@beyourlover.com

      • Linnea Vang

        I would like to know more information.


      • Theresa Davila

        Interested my email teredvl@yahoo.com

      • Rikki Latham

        I’m interested also.. Rikki.robbrwn@gmail.com

      • Annie Major

        I am also interested

        • Ameza Soi

          I am Andy from beyourlover. You can review our product and reach me at: andy@beyourlover.com

          • Hogie Arty

            I’m so excited to have the chances reviewed your product

      • Hogie Arty

        I like sex and i want tp be a sex toys tester

      • Hogie Arty

        My email shreearty @gmail.com

      • Carmen Lozada

        I want to be a sex toy tester!!!

    • Ameza Soi

      Are you still interested in reviewing products? If so, please check my previous message. Thanks

  • mark

    I am a #48yrld male and I am up for the Jb of testing enormous dildos day after day

    • Stella

      Mark you need to careful while using these products( dildo). Many of these might not be fully tested. I will be super careful while using these products inside my private parts.

      • dorisxiao6

        Send email to me ,I am the sex toy supplier ,:admin@sz-done.com

  • Danny Marks

    I got my wife here where up for a job and we got some ideas.??

    • dorisxiao6

      Send email to me ,I am the sex toy supplier in Shzhen,we are hot selling for the sex doll and sex products for adult : email address:admin@sz-done.com, this sex products has been a good line ,you can have your owner shop online,I think it will be a good job for yourself

      • Lacey Hart

        I hope it’s not to late to get a job doing this. I mean who wouldn’t want a job where they’d be testing sex toys and making money for doing it. Can I email you?

  • willIamaswell

    Just the other day, I read about this couple that is doing live shows on https://www.fapshows.com. They’re also sex toys reviewers, or at least she is. She said it’s always crazy when they have someone coming over, since not all of their friends know about their job. So they run around the house, trying to hide all the sex toys so their friends won’t ask them any questions. That was pretty funny.

    • dorisxiao6

      Send email to me ,I am the sex toy supplier in Shzhen,we are hot selling for the sex doll and sex products for adult : email address:admin@sz-done.com, this sex products has been a good line ,you can have your owner shop online.I am waiting for your reply

  • Sasha

    Where do I apply??

  • Louise Mcdonough

    How do I apply

  • Pennie D Foster

    I wanna job

    • dorisxiao6

      Send email to me ,I am the sex toy supplier in Shzhen,we are hot selling for the sex doll and sex products for adult : email address:admin@sz-done.com, this sex products has been a good line ,you can have your owner shop online.come on

  • Patrick Varner

    Where do i sign up to become a tester


    Wife and I would love to have a job doing sex toy testing I would do it for a lot less than $39000 a year

    • dorisxiao6

      Send email to me ,I am the sex toy supplier in Shzhen,we are hot selling for the sex doll and sex products for adult : email address:admin@sz-done.com, this sex products has been a good line ,you can have your owner shop online

  • rahul

    any jobs for males

    • dorisxiao6

      Send email to me ,I am the sex toy supplier ,we are hot selling for the sex doll and sex products for adult : email address:admin@sz-done.com, this sex products has been a good line ,you can have your owner shop online

  • Noelle

    I’m a 30 yr old female and would like to get into this, problem is I don’t have time to start a blog I need the money this month. How do I get this job sooner?

    • dorisxiao6

      Send email to me ,I am the sex toy supplier ,we are hot selling for the sex doll and sex products for adult : email address:admin@sz-done.com,add me , we will be the best partner

  • Chantal Beauchesne

    Chantal wonders if there is such jobs like this in Ontario. I am very interested

  • April Reames

    I already use them at least 4 times a day. I need to get paid to find the best toys out there. I don’t even care about the money.

    • dorisxiao6

      Send email to me ,I am the sex toy supplier ,we are hot selling for the sex doll and sex products for adult : email address:admin@sz-done.com

      • Tazz Schara

        any testing i can help with and plezz dont pass me ill test watever u send me

  • Kiki

    When can i start text me 646) 828-6637

  • Keyan Baldwin

    How do I sign up?

  • Lanette Rodriguez

    How do i sign up or should i say apply? ????

  • Sheila Hinkley

    How do I start im a 26 yr old female

  • Ck kelly

    I would love to do this where can I start

  • Cryztal S.

    I would love a job as a tester sounds like heaven if only we had them where I live sadness

  • Bree

    Any positions open now??..

  • John Ellis

    Can i have a job for testing the new toys

  • Phillip Thibeault

    i would love to test toys with my wife in eary 40s both of us

  • Tazz Schara

    lots of free time when can i start

  • Tazz Schara

    when can i start dont pass me

    • Tazz Schara

      o ya 23 and dont ever stop

    • Tazz Schara

      want to try every thing lubes toys dolls dildos viberters and more have a female who has agreed to help e test them all

  • Tazz Schara

    i will start at any time

  • Bryan

    There are a lot of sex toys available at a site I just found with the best prices I have seen on the internet.


    Awesome site, check it out.

  • Lindsay Snead

    I would love to start testing new sex toys . I’ve used the Leo brand for years and would like to start branching out.

  • valerie

    I would love to get into the industry of sex toy testers the main goal is to eventually be a rep for a company :valcamarillo1@gmail.com

  • lauren bourton

    When can I start need help xx💚😜

    • lauren bourton

      Plz xx

  • Alwayzb4 Reel

    I would love to join the sex toy tester career I can start ASAP Alwayzb4reel866@gmail.com please send me the info on how to proceed please

  • New Arrivals – 50% offer for New product testing.
    If you are interesting, please send email to huiyouinternational@gmail.com

    • Gabe

      anything for males?

      • yes, we also have toys for male. masturbator. please search Ladior in Amazon

        • Alexa Pierce

          How do I become a sex toy tester?

  • We are also looking for sex toy reviewers at http://sextoysutra.co.uk

  • Danielle O

    When can I start

  • Tina Eid

    When can I start? I know it said to get a sex blog….I haven’t done that b4 but I’m a nympho n alone most of the time I really wanna know when can I start?

  • Tina Eid

    I so wanna start this plz…..msg me

  • Marieè Savage

    Im down when do I start? An hypersexuality person can always have fun

  • Alisha Livingston

    I want a job doing this …..love the idea ..

  • cedra

    i am very interested in testing and giving reviews on sex toys. love sex. love toys.

  • Jojo2016

    Would love to know more and possibly start.

  • Kikibee

    What do I need to do to try out samples and provide feedback?

  • Reek

    I’ve never used one or any lol I’m curiouswhen can I start? Will there be instruction?

  • Treyvon Robinson

    When can I start?

  • Genevieve Rodriguez

    I would love to be a sex toy tester. I’ll test ever sex story u send me. genevieverodriguez1993@gmail my email to contact me my name is Genevieve

  • Lynn

    When can I start? I can give you an insite on the kind of “toys” older women like and want instead of just the points and comments of the younger women. lol

  • Kendekane

    I would like to learn more . I use big/huge toys

  • Erma

    Don’t know if anyone is still on here. But I would like more info on this because I would love to help women like me who have a hard time reaching climax. If there is still anyone on here please let me know

  • lustylou

    I’m a male and very interested in this. I would love to try/test masturbating toys for males and give a solid, informative review to help the sex toy company with good feedback. Please let me know who I need to contact. Thanks.

  • bee

    When I can start?

  • mayra

    when can i start

  • Maridushca Valdez

    How can I become a sex ty tester

  • Kayla Tatum

    I’m interested kikilove22@gmail.com

  • Destinee Lopez

    Still available ?

  • Tina Megginson-Ralph

    So interested in doing this

  • TandI chacon

    Me and my wife want in

  • jim

    my wife and i are interested in doing this it sounds like fun and a good way to spice up or sex life please e mail me with info and what not on how to get started my e mail is ne1469_ou8her2@yahoo.com thank you for your time

  • Stacy Ferguson

    when can i start

  • Michelle Xiong


  • Jonathan Mullins

    Hey can a man test sex toys

  • Robin Katterjohn

    I would love the opportunity to assist with the research and development of sex products for the blissful pleasure of myself and others. Please contact me at robinkatterjohn@gmail.com

  • ast

    Welcome to INDIA’s #1 ADULT STORE. . We deal in all kinds of Sex toys, Lingerie, Pleasure & Personal products.We sell our products all over India.| call &WhatsApp – 9883715895 http://adultsextoyindia.com/ HAND TO HAND DELIVERY | Discreet Packaging | get 100% Privacy, Original Products.

  • Sheldon Stubbs

    How do I start ?

  • Tina Eid

    O someone plz let me join in on the testing….my email is sxy.momma.33.34@gmail.com….i rather talk on phone about it that way I know it ain’t some gimmick, so if I get an email then I’ll send my number….thx for the time I’m really looking forward to doin this…..I have toys my self n masterbate on a daily basis, yes I have a man but there’s times he ain’t here n I’m still worked up so toys helps out alot, so I have thought about testing toys an see how much more it could be.

  • Stephanie Moultrie

    I want to be a tester for sex toys email me. Stephanirmoultrie27@gmail.com

  • Mark Rodriguez

    Do you have to have a blog to be a sex toy tester?? My wife and I are interested in becoming testers

  • Joaquin

    Man i wish i could do that i love the feeling of them

  • Mickie Albanese

    I want to be a tester. Where do I start

  • Kayle Holmes

    Here is my email.. Me and my guy are most interested would love to know more and how to get started… Thanks so much

  • Tyrus Worsham

    I want a job email me at nalaworsham619@gmail.com

  • Gary

    High I’m a male with a female partner and we would really like to be testers for sex toys

  • Abigail Edmondson

    Me too!!

  • Bruce E Jenkins
  • Bruce E Jenkins

    What’s needed to start a blog?

  • Steffi Arden

    i would love to be a tester, i buy lots of ann summers and lbabydolls and vibes, to sell and i all ways have people asking me about products and what they like etc, i all ways wanted to do something like this 🙂

  • Theresa McWilliams

    When can I start

  • Raymond Cherry

    How can I become a tester

  • Mamta Singh

    We at Sexcare understand your concern. We sell high-quality sex toys online and deliver them at your door step. You have the chance to explore the endless possibilities of sex without saying anything to anyone. Just visit our website and buy sex toys online which best match your interests.

  • Penny

    Hi just stumbled across this and think this could be my forte in life, I have reach my sexual prime and I’m enjoying sex more than ever and love experimenting with someone but also loving the fun, pleasure and excitement I can give myself, I give very honest sex tips and advise to anyone I can, my friends seem to think that’s all I talk about, but i get excited how satisfied you can make yourself and others by using some toys, I want people to throughly enjoy sex by being able to please themselves and or their partners and to be sexy, confident and wet lol, everyone needs a box of tools in their liv
    es, and I think I could give great reviews, great enough for people trust it and get turned on enough to want to use more toys and the best ones on the market reveiwed by me 1 horny 40 year old that is willing to put myself through days and nights of trying out all products for your benefits 😉 ….. Where do I start???

  • Jackie Bracht

    I’d like to be a tester

  • Tiffany

    Hello, I am very interested in doing this. All my family and friends come to me for advise on what toys to buy already. Please email me with information. Tiffanybdiaz@yahoo.com

  • Julie Hand

    I am interested. Hand.julie@gmail.com

  • Airon Holliday

    Hi! I am very interested in becoming a tester. What do I need to do to start?

  • Rato12

    Good morning depending where you are 🙂 I been looking for supplier company that is looking for sex toy testers. if you anyone has a opening please email me mpubaneh91@gmail.com

  • Jennie Baez

    I would like to be a tester if it includes making some extra money on the side. I can be reached at baezjennie@yahoo.com

    • Ashley Nicol Gary

      Have u ever gotten a response in how to apply or info on being a sex toy tester at all?

  • Kerry Rushing Hyche

    Hello!!! I buy toys all of the time, online and in stores. Usually, only about 50% really do anything for me. This is discouraging since toys are not cheap, and they are unreturnable. Being a tester would be a dream!! I am 45, in my prime, and want to know what’s new on the market. Could I become a tester/reviewer?

    • Ameza Soi

      You can review our products . Just reach me at andy@beyourlover.com. Thanks

      • Ladybug Alexa Michelle

        Hi I’m interested how may I apply

  • Amber Nield

    When can I start……

  • beba

    when can I start to become a sex toy tester I can be reach at gilda.m.rosario@gmail.com

  • Jessica Deluna

    How can apply

  • Tabitha MacAlpin

    How can I start this?

  • Dylan Shepherd


  • Dylan Shepherd

    I’m interested

  • Andrew Pyro Sampson LeBrecht

    I’m interested in this kind of work.

  • Ashley Nicol Gary

    Does anyone know where to apply for a sex toy tester and how I should make a video to submit for application?

  • Ashley Nicol Gary

    How Can I apply for this?

  • mahesh kedem

    Hiib am inteintere in this job

  • Yasmine Amor

    I’m intrested in this.

  • brian webster

    hi there. i am a heathly 35 year old male looking to change my career! If this job still stands could you please send me some brief by email which id be grateful to recieve. well thanks for reading if you have time. this is my email address: websterb106@gmail.com

  • Bethany Gilmore

    You all realize you gave your emails to the whole internet right?! Not very smart.

  • Ameza Soi

    We are adult sex toy supplier https://www.beyourlover.com/, just contact us at andy@beyourlover.com to get Free adult sex toy to review. Please remember to send us the product link you would like to review when emailing me. Thanks. Quality Guarantee: 1 Years Warranty & 10 Years Quality Guarantee

  • Amber Myers

    Hi I love sex and all sex toy and sex products iv always wanted be tester is there a place or email to apply to?

  • Alexis Wilson

    when can I start

  • Dawn McNitt

    Hi i would love to be a sex toy tester

  • Send me my email britnelopez22@gmail.com